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The Language Conservancy

The Language Conservancy (TLC) is a powerful voice working to help Indigenous communities build lasting foundations for language education and practice by increasing access to funding, technical assistance, and public support. TLC is dedicated to supporting the world’s endangered languages, restoring them to stability and health, and ensuring they will be passed down to future generations.

In order to achieve its mission, The Language Conservancy helps Indigenous communities build language activism through community and public outreach; offers educational programing, including teacher training and immersion schools; and develops language-learning resources, such as dictionaries, mobile apps, textbooks, children’s books, audio learning series, teachers’ guides, and assessment testing.

We have developed a range of new techniques for documenting and revitalizing an increasing number of languages more efficiently and more productively. These new techniques allow us to develop resources, build capacity, and train educators in communities more successfully than ever before. Our approach is built on working closely with communities, the places where we engage with speakers.

The Language Conservancy was founded in 2005 by a concerned group of indigenous educators and language activists in reaction to the severe decline of indigenous language speakers. Working closely with partner organizations, we have utilized best practice methods, resources, and models to create world-class indigenous language-learning materials and resources. Our vision is to share these tools with indigenous language communities worldwide. Our hope is to restore indigenous languages to a place of pride within our communities.

By strengthening languages, we help strengthen communities. Please visit Who We Are to learn more.